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Panel 1: Repositories, Scholars and Seals

December 2nd, 15:00-16:45 (Central European Time)
15:00-15:04John McEwanSaint Louis UniversityWelcome
15:05-15:14Elizabeth NewAberystwyth UniversityOpening Remarks
15:15-15:29Helen GeakePortable Antiquities SchemeFrom archaeology to sigillography: working with the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s dataset
15:30-15:44Martina Bolom-KotariUniversity of Hrdec KárlovéMaking seals accessible in the archives of the Czech Republic
15:45-15:59Amy SampsonThe National Archives, UKSearchable Seals: Improved understanding, access and preservation of seals collections at The National Archives
16:00-16:14Torsten Hiltmann and Philipp Schneider Humboldt UniversityDetection, Description, Analysis. Towards an integrated approach to heraldic representations on seals using Machine Learning and Semantic Web Technologies

Panel 2: Linking Datasets

December 3rd, 15:00-16:45 (Central European Time)
15:00-15:04Philippa HoskinCambridge UniversityWelcome
15:05-15:19Maria do Rosário MorujãoUniversity of CoimbraSigillvm Portugaliae: an online corpus of seals from Portugal and in Portuguese archives
15:20-15:34Martina Filosa and Alessio SopracasaUniversity of Cologne and Sorbonne UniversitySigiDoc: an encoding standard for (not only) Byzantine seals
15:35-15:49John McEwanSaint Louis UniversityLinking and digitizing legacy catalogues: the Digisig project
15:50-16:04Markus SpäthJustus-Liebig-Universität GießenUncovering a cosmos of European sealing culture: Digitizing the Beissel cast collection
16:05-16:14Georg VogelerUniversity of GrazThe RDF/SKOS version of the Vocabulaire Internationale de la Sigillographie

Panel 3: Le potentiel des grands ensembles de données pour la sigillographie / The potential of large datasets for sigillography

December 8rd, 15:00-16:45 (Central European Time)
15:00-15:04Maria do Rosário MorujãoUniversity of CoimbraBienvenue/ Welcome
15:05-15:19María Narbona CárcelesUniversity of ZaragozaLe groupe de recherche SIGYDOC, et la base de données SIGILAR (Sigilografía Aragonesa)/ The SIGYDOC research group and the SIGILAR (Sigilografia Aragonesa) database
15:20-15:34Laurent HablotÉcole Pratique des Hautes ÉtudesSIGILLA, la base de données pour les ressources françaises/ SIGILLA, digital database for French resources
15:35-15:49Philippe JacquetSigillographie et la numérisations 3D/ Sigillography and 3D digitization
15:50-16:04Georg VogelerUniversity of Graz Seals in Monasterium.net

Language: English and French

Organized by: The Center for Digital Humanities, Saint Louis University with Linked Past 6

Linked Pasts 6

Institute of Classical Studies, London

December 2-16, 2020


The annual Linked Pasts conference, which has previously been held at KCL, Madrid, Stanford, Mainz and Bordeaux, brings together scholars, heritage professionals and other practitioners with an interest in Linked Open Data as applied to the study of the ancient and historical worlds. Panels and working groups at Linked Pasts are more goal-oriented than a conventional academic conference, and activities and agendas are often proposed, developed and revised by all participants at the event itself.

The sixth installment of Linked Pasts, hosted by the University of London and British Library in December 2020, will be a fully remote and online event, with events taking place over two weeks rather than an intense three days of in-person sessions. Other than welcome, keynotes and wrap-up at the beginning and end of the conference, most activities will be asynchronous, with work or discussion taking place in whatever medium is most appropriate to the activity and community in question. Participation in the conference is free, but advance registration is required.

Seals and Linked Open Data